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Core Exchange Policy

PWC Engine requires that all engines be shipped in advance for rebuilding. This will eliminate the need for pre-paid core charges. PWC Engine has a 2 day turnaround time on all engines that do not have extensive repairs.

You must have a core! Click here if you are international.

Core engines that come in with the following damages would be considered extensive.

Cracked or damaged aluminum on cores, requiring replacement or additional processing before rebuilding can take place.

Missing Parts/Hardware.

Aftermarket or Modified Parts. (milled head, ported cylinders, etc...)

Extensive damage that do not allow a reasonable price to repair and will require replacement of that part of the core.

In the event the core you are shipping in for exchange meets one of the above conditions, PWC Engine will assess additional fees. You will be notified of the additional expense before any work is done to your engine at our facilty. Any charges assessed may be reversed if PWC Engine receives the damaged replacement parts with the pre-shipped core. If you would like an estimate of additional fees prior to returning your core, you can take digital photos of any damages on the core you are shipping, and email them to:estimates@pwcengine.com. Please include you reach number if you would like to discuss your estimate.

PWC Engine will assess the pictures for any additional charges that may apply and reply to you within 24 hours. Please note, that we do the best we can to see the actual damages, but this is an initial assessment only and may change once the item is received and physically inspected at our facility. PWC Engine is not responsible for any extra parts left on your core.