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Crankshaft Remanufacturing Warranty & Core Return

At Pwc Engine, in crankshaft rebuilding for over 20 years, we bring you the highest quality precision. The crankshaft comes complete new rods, precision bearings, rod journals and also with top end needle bearings. We do not weld the rod journal to the web as this has proven to create more of a problem. We have found that after the journal has been welded, the factory hardened metal loses integrity causing the weld to break and the pins to walk out of the hole. Pwc Engine will weld main pins on certain models that the journal are known to go out of phase or twist. These journals are larger and are able to withstand the heat caused by the welding process. All of our crankshafts are hand trued to no more than .001 total runout to give a smooth running engine with longer bearing life.

In fact PWC Engine is so certain of its product that we will now this year Pwc Engine will now offer a one year No Fault Warranty on all rebuilt 2 stroke crankshafts against any type of failure.

Your Core Return

Core returns are required within two weeks of the date of delivery on any remanufactured PWC Engine crankshaft.

PWC Engine charges one way shipping and handling if a core is due and provides a return pre-paid label with your purchase of a rebuilt crankshaft at no charge. Please use the original packaging and the prepaid airbill for the return shipping of your old core to Pwc Engine and give to any UPS driver or center. If you need to schedule a pick up for your core please go to ups.com.