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Cylinder Re-Sleeving

Pwc Engine offers cylinder re-sleeving for single, twin, or triple cylinders. If your cylinders steel liner is broken, damaged nikasil, or oversized and can't be bored, we can save you money!

With precision machine shop services Pwc Engine can repair cylinders for a fraction of the cost of new.

If you are interested in sending your item in for re-sleeving, please following the pricing chart below.

Kawasaki 2 stroke all except Ultra 150 175.00

Kawasaki 1200 Ultra 150 nikasil 150.00

Polaris 650/750/780/785 all 175.00

Polaris 700/900/1050/1200 all except MSX 140 125.00

Polaris MSX 140 nikasil 175.00

Seadoo 2 stroke all 125.00

TigerShark 2 stroke 640/770 125.00

TigerShark 2 stroke 900/1000/1100 150.00

Yamaha 2 stroke all except 800/1200R/1300R Nikasil 125.00

Yamaha 2 stroke 800/1200R/1300R 150.00

All prices include bore, chamfering, and honing to the finish size. Price is per hole without piston.

Please note: All 2 & 3 block type cylinders will require that the other one or two sleeves will need to be bored to the very next oversize available due to the process to repair the damaged sleeve. The additonal sleeves to be bored will be 25.00 each.

All repairs are subject to a 2 day turnover time.