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Precision Cylinder Boring

Pwc Engine offers precision cylinder boring for single, twin, or triple cylinders.

All 2 strokes that do not need to be resleeved and that are not Nikasil are 50.00 per hole.

With precision machine shop services Pwc Engine can repair cylinders for a fraction of the cost of new.

If you are interested in sending your item in for boring, please following the pricing chart below.

Kawasaki 2 stroke all except Ultra 150 50.00

Kawasaki 1200 Ultra 150 nikasil N/A must be resleeved 175.00

Polaris Sleeving 650/750/780/785 all 175.00

Polaris Sleeving 700/900/1050/1200 all except MSX 140 125.00

Polaris MSX 140 nikasil N/A must be resleeved 175.00

Seadoo 2 stroke all 50.00

TigerShark 2 stroke 640/770 50.00

TigerShark 2 stroke 900/1000/1100 nikasil N/A must be resleeved 175.00

Yamaha 2 stroke all except 800/1200R/1300R Nikasil 50.00

Yamaha 2 stroke 800/1200R/1300R N/A must be resleeved

All prices include bore, chamfering, and honing to the finish size. Price is per hole.

All repairs are subject to a 2 day turnover time.